Consultancy Services

John Freeman Consultancy Services

I consult on education and children’s services for local authorities, working in areas such as school improvement, post-16 school organisation and change management. I take on commissions where improvement is needed, and where I can make a real difference through my work; I’m not interested in writing worthy reports that sit on a shelf, without making real changes!

I am presently offering consultancy support to local authorities on school quality assurance and school improvement, in preparation for LASI inspections under the revised Ofsted Framework. The support is based around the updated version of ‘Preparing for Inspection’ available as a free download here

I also chair and speak at conferences around the themes of local government, education and children’s services, most recently on topics including performance data and analysis, school admissions, school governance, and school planning.

My Approach

As a consultant, my goal is always to enable local people to make a positive difference that will last long beyond the terms of my consultancy. I need to know the facts and what the data says, rather than accepting the received wisdom or the usual way of doing things. And I believe it’s very important that public servants have a deep understanding of the legal framework within which they operate.

I am committed to making a difference, not just analysing and reporting on problems, and I promote solutions that are robust and sustainable, building on local capacity. Local knowledge is crucial to positive change and I see my role as supporting the process of working with local people to uncover what the change should be.

I believe in working with my clients to find approaches and solutions that are creative and practicable and always in the best interests of children and young people.

While it’s important to make sure that processes and procedures are appropriate, I believe that even more important is the quality of relationships between professionals working in different agencies. Without good relationships, any solution, process or procedure will merely be mechanistic.

But, sometimes, my work requires me to broker consensus between conflicting and seemingly irreconcilable positions, an area in which I have much experience, and which is essential if the outcome is to be sustainable.

Long-term solutions need to be flexible and able to be developed long past the end of the consultancy.

(One of my proudest achievements is that several school/college partnerships I was involved in setting up in 1988 still exist and work effectively – albeit in a very different environment and in new ways. But the fundamental concept was sound, and they have evolved to meet new challenges.)

Please contact me to discuss your project or organisation’s needs.